The Best Wood for Smoking Ribs

The Best Wood for Smoking Ribs

The wood you use for smoking meat in an electric smoker plays a huge role in the process. When it comes to BBQ and smokers, usually heavy wood is used for the purposes of preparing meat.

Sometimes that is a good way to go but it could often ruin the taste and juiciness of the meat. That, of course, depends on which meat you are cooking. Bare in mind that everyone practices different styles since it is a matter of preference. In this case you are preparing ribs and here is what we would recommend for you to use.

The most commonly used wood for smoking ribs is hickory

This is a very stiff and dense wood and quite shock resistant. In case you did not know, baseball bats are made out of hickory. No, don’t light up your baseball bat for the purposes of smoking meat. Get some chips at a local store and you are ready to go. Hickory will add a strong flavor to the meat and make it very tasty, but be careful because too much of this wood will add a bitter taste to your ribs. The rule is, when smoking meat, always start off with a little amount of wood and add more gradually as the smoking goes on.

The second commonly used wood is mesquite

This type of wood will give your ribs a unique flavor but bare in mind that it is not good for longer barbecues. You should definitely try using this wood to experience a different taste than your usual smoked meat. Other types of wood that are good for the purpose of smoking ribs are apple, cherry, pecan and maple wood. They are all known for adding their unique flavors to the meat but, as we said, it is all a matter of personal preference. Someone likes their ribs done on hickory, someone would rather use apple wood. Apple would is most known for a mild sweet flavor. We recommend you try all of them until you find what suits you best.

Some woods you should NEVER use for smoking ribs are: pine, elm, cypress, redwood, cedar and fir. These particular types of wood will ruin the meat’s taste and texture. Make sure you avoid them at all cost. When you have the wood that you chose for the ribs, make sure it is dried out completely. When it comes to preparing ribs, smoking usually lasts for about six hours. The process of smoking ribs is a bit more complicated. After three hours of smoking on 275 degrees. After three hours, wrap the ribs in aluminium foil and before closing it, put your favorite flavor on the meat. Put the wrapped ribs back on the smoker and smoke for two hours. Then remove the ribs and put BBQ sauce on both sides after which you need to put them directly on the racks for another hour of smoking.

After the complete six hours of smoking, take the ribs off and enjoy your meal!

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